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GS Barcode Marked Cards Deck of Marked Playing Cards

With the development of the technique of marking playing cards, barcode marked cards are produced, different with infrared or ultraviolet luminous marked playing cards, barcode marked cards only can be read by the scanning cameras.
Golden Sunshine marking the invisible barcode on the thin edge of various brands of playing cards, the code on each card is different and the signal just for the face side of the card. As we mentioned above, the barcode marked cards usually works with scanning camera and marked poker cards analyzer (sometimes with mini earpiece). During the poker game, when the dealer dealing the marked poker cards, users can see the points and suits of each card then to know the state of the poker game in advance via scanner reader, then the poker hand analyzer will receive the signal send out from scanning camera and analyze it fastly, finally users can get accurate information of the card games. What is more, users can get which hand is the first or second winner, even the ranks of all the players of a game.
There are Copag series barcode marked deck of cards, Fournier marked barcode playing cards, barcode Modiano marked cards poker, marked barcode Bicycle cards, BEE invisible barcode marked cards, Aviator barcode invisible playing cards, KEM barcode marked deck cards and other brands contact lenses playing cards. We can customize other marked-cards according to your request. If you want to know more about them, we will always be here for your service.