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GS Blackjack Contact Lenses

Have you ever used luminous contact lenses to read juice marked cards in Blackjack? It also very suitable in Omaha, Texas Holdem and so on playing cards games.
There are infrared invisible contact lenses, ultraviolet luminous contact lenses as well as ultra IR perspective contact lenses in our company. Do you know how to use them? It is very convenient that you just need to wear them inside your eyes and then you could see those marks on the back of marked deck of cards clearly. These special marked cards contact lenses are soft and comfortable. No one will find the difference. In Blackjack, these reliable and helpful products could help you know poker number as well as suits directly, then you could know the poker cards of other poker players.
After Blackjack games, it is better to clean the contact lenses and then put them inside the water of bottle, as it can extend the using of this special Blackjack contact lenses.