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GS Made Infrared Glasses

Sunglasses is the most fashion style in all the eyewear accessories, so they are the first thing comes to crafters mind of changing them into detecting devices. This makes more sense on poker playing, as you know, poker pros always try to avoid being recognizing their facial actions by other competitors, especially the eyeballs movements, so they pretend to act in a way called poker face. The sunglasses are not only a designer accessory to players, but also a tool or method to hide their motivations might showed on their face expressions. What is more, it is common sense that both casinos all over the world and poker tournaments such as WSOP are all not against protections of that, hence sunglasses which belongs to eyeglasses is the best disguised mask you can take into poker matches.
Spy sunglasses often integrate the most high tech optics knowledge like infrared radiation and UV, so cheating products like IR spy sunglasses are the outcomes of market and science combination. They act like the regular ones, but with detecting function behind. That's not saying once you wear a pair of spy sunglasses then you are able enough to see card values, because to make it works, we need marked cards. Those decks are marked with invisible luminous inks, normal eyes can not see any different between those and normal standard cards, because the luminous cards reflect infrared band that human beings aren't able to directly see it. But with the help of IR sunglass, it filters the white light band so only the infrared remained, and then the invisible marks are showed under your spy shades. Information from Cards999!