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GS Newest Marked Playing Cards Automatic Scanner

In a poker card game, if you can know the games result in advance, you can make a beneficial decision of how to make a bet easily. However, in some poker games, it is not allow poker players placed any items on the game table, so at this time, our newest marked playing cards automatic scanner will be your excellent choice.
GS updated poker scanning camera has different size scanning range, the longest scanning scope can be about 90cm. They are processed with very high privacy and others hardly to notice its secret and just regard it s a normal item. What is more, it is not necessary to be placed on the playing cards table to scanning the marked cards, due to its long scanning distance and automatic scanning function, you can just take it in hand or put it into your pocket, as long as the marked decks are placed into the newest poker scanner device scanning range, it will trace the marks on the edged marked poker cards and scan the barcode signal automatically, cooperating with poker analyzer, you will receive the accurate poker game results rapidly and clearly.
Beside the newest poker card reader, we also have other types of poker scanning cameras, like water dispenser poker scanner, lighter playing cards scanner, cuff playing cards reader, water bottle marked decks scanning camera, ashtray short scanning range poker reader and so on. If you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us.