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GS Wireless Remote Control Dice

Dice game is interesting and it is very popular in many places. It is unpredictable, while with our wireless remote control dice, you can play the dice game successfully.
In order to mastering them well, there are some items of a whole set of wireless remote control dice you need to know, a remote control dice base board, wireless remote control dices and a wireless remote dice controller. Usually we have two kinds remote control dice boards, 30X30cm and 60X60cm, if you have special need? Please feel free to contact us.
Actually, if you have a set of wireless remote control dice, it is a simple thing for you to win the game. First, you just need to install the wireless remote control dice board under the dice table. Second, put a bowl over the fixed board on the dice table. Lastly, throw out the dice and press the remote dice controller at the same time and you can get the right point you want. The dices more closer to the middle of them dice board more better.
This wireless remote control dices can be used in various dice games, if you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to buy some to try.