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GSM NO.007 Walkie Talkie With Radio Call

As a newest type of sending information device, GSM NO.007 walkie talkie has without distance limitations and can be automatically stored 2 of the first dial cell phone numbers, when dial the SIM cards number, it will be connected automatically.
When in the poker card games, if the partner receive the information of marked which send from poker analyzer or playing cards scanning camera, he can speak to the player via wireless earpieces, what is more, if the player want to give any signal to partner, he only need speak like make a call.
There are different options for the quantity of wireless earpieces, 1 receiver and work to 1 earpieces, 2 earpieces, 3 earpieces etc, it depends on customers request.
GSM No. 007 Walkie Talkie also can monitor the scene of sound and double talk, suitable for different people, like infants, the elderly, patients and anti-theft alarm voice remote monitoring, the product has small volume, beautiful appearance, simple operation, meet the requirement of different speech monitoring field.