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Hand bag poker predictor scanner

Hand bag is very common for people to use, and in our company, our skillful technicians can process these exquisite hand bag as secret poker predictor scanner for scanning the barcode marked playing cards for poker analyzer device.
Compared with normal poker scanner cameras in market, this hand bag playing cards scanning camera has more advantages.
1. The telescopic distance of this hand bag poker predictor scanner is 220cm to 270cm, it is so large that can scan the barcode marked deck more conveniently.
2. Unlike normal poker cameras which the scanning range is fixed, the scanning distance of this hand bag poker predictor scanner can be adjusted flexibly, up and down range is 50cm and left and right also 50cm.
3. This hand bag poker predictor scanner can work with various kinds of poker analyzers, Texas Holdem scanner system, Omaha scanning system, CVK 500 poker analyzer device, AKK poker hand analyzer, PK King winner predictor scanning system, Iphone poker analyzer software and so on. They all can analyze the barcode image which sent by the hand bag poker predictor scanner quickly and accurately.
Hand bag marked cards scanner is widely used in poker club, casino or private poker games.