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Hidden Button Spy Camera In Texas Holdem

Button zoom poker camera lens is one of the poker scanning camera for barcode marked cards. This kind of HD button zoom camera lens works with poker analyzer is very useful for Texas hold'em poker game. This camera is HD camera lens so that the scanning effect will be perfect. You can know more about our HD camera lens in our website, now, I will talk about it.
The button zoom poker camera can be successful for reading the side marked cards clearly at any angle. It is able to adjust its scanning range because of its zoom characteristic. Used in Texas poker game, the HD button zoom camera will be a good device in poker games. Together with the side marked cards and poker analyzer, the HD button zoom camera will help you know the poker games result in advance successfully. Reading the marked cards with 100% accuracy, the camera will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer that is able to report the Texas result to you. Its scanning distance can be selected: 5-10cm and 20-45cm and 40-60cm, even farther. so different scanning distances are suitable for different players needs.
Please contact us if you take an interest in our excellent HD button zoom camera lens, and we accept the customized product, so we can processed the poker devices as your reasonable requirement.