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Hidden Lenses For Plastic Marked Cards

Support for all Playing Cards games.Use the hidden headphones to receive automatic reporting about the size and color points with the help of Smooth Sayer.The Playing Cards Smoothsayer reports points automatically about how to beat out the color, and then people will Win the game most possibly.All brand mobile phone is optional, You can also bring your own mobile phone to process.
The Playing Cards Smoothsayer is easier to use for cell phone batteries. It is no need to worry about a sudden power failure in the game as long as there are a few of portable multi-band cell batteries.
The phone can make a call, send text messages, listen to music etc. You could not find any flaws in the new version of the Playing Cards Smoothsayer even you are first touch of ordinary mobile phones. There is a poker scanning hidden camera with the Playing Cards Smoothsayer (you can also choose the lens; such as: lens in wristband, lens in belt, etc.)
No need to put the poker in neatness or focus, direction. A group with many kinds of program, suitable for all the poker games.Single operation, no need the cooperation of background, reporting voice automatically, fast speed.You can move the lens in your device to anywhere you want, but they are for close range, effect range is 30cm - 60cm. The lens are used to scan the Playing Cards , clearly and fast.