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Hidden Poker Camera Lens With Infrared Marked Cards

Today hidden poker camera lens can be installed into many places according to the customers need like in Ladies Purse, Lighter, Key Chain, Watch etc. Hidden Cameras inside them can scan barcode of marking playing cards and transfer the result to poker analyzer. Hidden Lens for playing is quite common in the world. As all brand of marked cards are popular around the world, so the poker scanning camera has a big market.
Specification :
All playing games are supported by marked cards poker analyzer system around the world.
Your own mobile phone also can be installed the hidden poker scanning camera lens.
Hidden Lens are used to get information about suit and points of marking playing cards.
The Poker analyzer software is flawless. This phone can make calls, send messages, and listen to music. In the Poker Smoothsayer scanning hidden camera are placed.
No need to put the poker in neatness, or focus, direction.
A group with many kinds of program, used for all poker games.