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High-tech Poker Table For Playing Cards

As we knowledge, marked cards are playing important roles in poker cheat. Today, I will introduce another way to help you to read the playing cards in the casino. The perspective poker table for reading non-marked cards is smart choice.
Perspective poker table is a common poker table with a poker cheat spy camera inside. This camera is able to read poker faces of non-marked cards and send the data to TV or PC on the background. From the screen, your partner can read the points and suits of all cards and then will tell you the best poker result. This is a very top way of poker cheat and it can scan poker cards at any degree. Any kind of cloth will not influence its scanning function.
At the same time, we also offer many devices for marked playing cards to you and all the devices can bring a big convenience for you. What's more, other people can see any marks on the playing cards.