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How Do People Cheat At Casino Cards War?

The cheater learns to arrange a deck of cards in some way as to deal favorable and unfavorable hands. A simple and common example is called dealing seconds. The dealer bends the corner of the card just enough to peek at its value. If he dislikes the card he sees, he deals it normally to another player. If he likes it, he deals the card underneath it (the second) to the next player(s) until it is time to deal to himself when he deals the top card. Another variant requiring more skill is stacking a deck, which means picking up the cards from a completed hand such that you arrange a good hand you will deal to yourself on the next hand. Subsequently you use false shuffles and false cut to keep those cards in position. Finally you deal yourself, the hand you constructed. You would be flabbergasted how much a good card mechanic can do with a deck in front of your nose without you realizing it.