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How Poker Analyzer With Marked Cards

Some players who have used the poker analyzer will be amazing at this product. But many people still know little about poker analzyer system and don't know how does a poker analyzer work?
Poker analyzer can tell the user exactly what is coming by reading barcode marked cards on a special batch of marked cards. When you cheat at poker game, the poker analyzer will send the information to another device, which with then relay it to an earpiece. And then the user will hear the last game result, such as “Diamond queen”. Besides this, you can set it to tell you who the winner is in a hand after the entire board is dealt. The user will hear the game result like“ Player 4”and that player will win. Our poker analyzers are getting more advanced and at this point can memorize about half a deck of cards. Our poker analyzer can be used to cheat at Texas hold’em and Omaha. And we can set other game, such as Baccarat, Blackjack. Our company sells different analyzers: CVK 500 poker analyzer, K4 poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer, K5 poker analyzer and AKK A1 poker analyzer.
Now you know how a poker analyzer works? Would you like to try? If you want to know more details, call us right now!