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How To Cheat At Poker Games

If you do not want to utilize the simple math to cheat at the poker game but just want to find an easier and safer way. The card marking is recommended. There are two types of marking cards: ultimate marked cards and luminous ink marked cards.

Ultimate marked cards:


Ultimate Marked Cards

Arrange an order for the suits to be marked on the card. A common system of ordering cards uses the consonants from the word CHASED to order the suits. This code stands for: Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds.


Ultimate Marked Cards

A. Use the cluster method to identify the suit (take Bicycle ultimate marked deck as an example). There are five hash marks in the pinwheel under the man at the top corner of each Bicycle card. Using a fine tipped red or blue sharpie, depending on the color of the deck, color in the hash mark within the pinwheel on the right side which represents the suit of the card according to the CHASED order.

B. If the Bicycle deck of cards is a Club you would color in the first hash tag, for Hearts the second, Spades the third and Diamonds the fourth.

C. Mark the right side of the Bicycle poker card because when they are fanned in your opponents hand in a game like Poker, it is most often the right corner of the card which is showing.

3. Mark the numerical value in the fan.

Ultimate Marked Cards

A. The fan is the flower shape being held by the man at the top corner of the Bicycle playing card. If the flower is completely unmarked, it is an Ace. Use a red or blue pen to mark out the petals on the fan.

B. Start marking with the petal to the right of the top/center of the fan, or what could be considered "one o clock". Color in this petal to signify a 2. Continue around the flower with 9 being the petal on top of the fan.

C. Color in the circle at the center of the fan to identify it as 10. Any face cards should also have this center circle colored in. The circle plus the top/center petal colored in will be a Jack, the circle and the next petal to the right would be a Queen. The center circle plus the third, or horizontal petal would be the King.

4. Repeat the marks on the opposite corner.

Ultimate Marked Cards

A. Each Bicycle poker card has the value flipped on the face of the card, meaning that it can be held in the hand of your opponents "upside down" from where you made the mark. Repeat your marks on the opposite corner of the card to be sure it is visible regardless of which way your opponent holds the card.

B. This also makes the card look consistent, making it less obvious that the deck is marked.

C. Make your marks on a new deck of Bicycle cards. The color of the deck will fade and you want your marks to fade with it and not be darker than the color on the deck.

Invisible ink marked cards:

Luminous Ink Marked Cards

1. Prepare a deck of Bicycle playing cards to be marked (usually the red-coated-back cards is the prime choice), an invisible ink pen, material of creating infrared ink, a pair of invisible ink contact lenses or luminous ink glasses hat can see invisible ink. A common marking system uses is the font of the number of each card, and some graphs stands for the suit: Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds.

2. Use the professional infrared ink to mark on the back of Bicycle poker cards. Different cards are coated different colors on their backs, the customized luminous ink need to be blended to meet the need of the cards you use. Mix different material of the invisible ink to make the ink and try on the practice cards until you get the best one (of course, you also can buy this luminous invisible ink from the supplier). What is more, you also can try to create the lemon juice ink at home, which is very easy.

Professional Card Marking Ink

3. Fill the invisible ink into the invisible ink pen, when the tip of pen soak enough luminous ink, use it to write on the backs of each piece of card. After marking, wait some second until the invisible ink is disappearing or invisible to the normal eyes.

Professional UV Invisible Ink Pen

4. Wear the luminous ink contact lenses or invisible ink glasses to detect the marked cards (if you use the luminous ink contact lenses, please wear them accordance with the direction).

Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

Of course, the 2 ways of card marking also need practice.