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How To Choose Best Suitable IR Contact Lenses

If you are owing a poker club, you may want to know weather there are someone has made a trick in poker games. So we will make a recomment with our invisible ink contact lenses, which can help you know the back marked cards clearly. Then you can judge who are making a trick.
Those infrared contact lenses has different sizes and colors, but you do not want to change the appearance of the eye, it is means that it will comfortable and does not affect your health in any way after you wear it. Can be worn over a long period and to see the markings on the playing cards, rummy or dominoes according to the intensity at a distance of up to 4 m high clarity.
There is no doubt that those infrared contact lenses should work with invisible ink marked cards which marked with luminous ink kit. Those luminous marks are invisible to your normal eyes, while readable with your infrared contact lenses.