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How To Make A Marked Deck Of Cards

In general, Ultra-Luminous, N-Dust (latest Juice technology) and regular luminous are the most deceptive products used to mark cards, even though other methods to mark playing cards are available.
The following Decision Tree will help you decide which marked card method is best for you. However, yur choice can be simplified by asking your question about price. While the initial cost may seem expensive to some, in reality your average cost per deck is very reasonable. For example:
Ultra-Luminous is very expensive Unfortunately, the best also comes at a high price. Ultra-Luminous works on plastic, paper and most color cards. Ultra-Luminous also comes with, easy to use, ink and dust. The Ultra-Luminous dust may be used to secretly mark a borrowed deck while people are watching.
Juice does not require the use of sunglasses or contact lenses. N-Dust is the latest Juice technology and works on most color cards, as well as most paper or plastic cards. Please be aware that all Juice products will take practice to learn how to read. However, optional, Juice Enhancing Sunglasses will make the learning process easier. NOTE: Juice and Luminous technology are very different, the chemicals and sunglasses are based upon different scientific principals and are not interchangeable.