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How To Make A Modern Magic Marked Cards?

How to Make a Marked Deck, expecially the unique invisible ink marked cards? This explains how to make a marked deck from a regular deck of cards. Its easy to do and we explain it all here.
A marked deck is a regular deck that has been marked on the back in a way that reveals the value on the cards face. So when a card is selected for example the 9 of clubs, you can look at the back of that card and see that the value is the nine of clubs. A great deck to have in your arsenal.
It is a very time consuming way of marking the deck but I promise you that if you look after the deck properly you will get many years of use out of the deck.
What you will need is either a red backed deck of Bicycle cards and a red marker pen. Try to use a marker pen with a fine tip which will make marking the cards a lot easier.
Now you will see on the back of the card there is a petal formation where you can mark the value in way you will understand of the card and also to the side is a group of five triangles which you will use our of them to mark the suit of the card.