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How To Mark Cards With An Invisible Ink Pen

Nowadays, all kinds of marked playing cards have been used in the casino games, so how to marked cards has arose the attention of people.  Although there are many kinds of poker, but professional poker player is very clear about the quality of each kind of poker card. These poker cards are can be marked with various kinds of luminous ink, we have marked poker cards and if you want, you can mark the cards by yourself.

The top left card would represent the Queen of Hearts. The top right card would be the ace of spades and the bottom left card would be the 5 of Diamonds.
Usually a mark card use in the poker game, marks for everyone may be different, there is some very simple format, if you want a special mark, and you have to remember your mark. Luminous marked cards should work with the special luminous contact lenses.

If you want to mark the poker card with luminous ink pen, you can buy a luminous ink pen from us, but we suggest you buy some luminous ink marked cards at the same time, when you think you can not mark it well, you can use our marked cards.