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How To Play Blackjack With Modiano Marked Cards

The Modiano Marked cards are not only played in poker games but also seen as a supplement tool for the IR contact lenses or sunglasses. This kind of cards are well playing important roles in cheating field. Now, I will introduce the Modiano mare cards used in Blackjack.
The Modiano marked cards the same as the other marked cards like Fournier 2818 marked cards are printed with the invisible marks on the back. You can not read those marks from your normal eyes. The marks can be identified by the IR contact lenses or sunglasses. If you play the Blackjack with your friends, this is a good chance for you to cheat in the game. Reading the suits and points of marks without any difficulty, you will have 100% certainty to accurately choose the card up to 21 points as soon as possible even if those Modiano marked cards face down. With the aid of those useful cheating tools, you can have more chances to win the Blackjack game.
The Modiano marked cards offer much convenience for poker playing cards cheating. Besides the Blackjack, this kind of cards also support for the Texas, Omaha...etc. Meanwhile, we also accept the special customization from you. If you have a demand for them, just contact us at your spare time.