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How to read invisible ink iPhone card reader

What is your selection criteria for a poker card scanner system? The most good looking, or the most practical?
iPhone poker predictor that is installed with a high-definition camera, which works perfectly with Omaha poker analyzer.
If you want to have your own iPhone, you can also send it to us to install a playing cards scanner camera inside, no matter what Nokia phone you have, all can work. You just need to put it on the table, and then use the QR code marked deck and a mini skin-covered earpiece, and then handle the game easily.
This Nokia camera can work to scan the barcode marking cards, it plays a important role in poker scanner system. It maybe not a new poker scanning camera for poker marked cards, but it can work perfectly. Within one second, you can get the outcome through poker winner predictor and earpiece system,
It can operated by only one person, don't need the help of other people and other poker analzyer device. It is safe and convenient.
This system enjoys an accuracy of 100%.