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How to See Invisible Ink

Invisible ink is a very common and important material to make marked playing cards, do you know how to see invisible ink?
In our company, Golden Sunshine, we adopt the best marked cards invisible ink recipe to make the excellent marked poker cards by quality invisible ink pen. The invisible ink in the marked juice cards is invisible in the natural light and can not be found by normal eyes without special devices, what is more, although the marked-cards are processed, they look same as the regular and no one can find any different compared with the original one.
Usually, there are luminous contact lenses and ultra infrared sunglasses can help you to read the invisible juice marks on the magic marked cards. Both of them are in best quality and look similar as normal so nobody will suspect they can help you to know the cards. For card contact lenses, there are various kinds of them special for different eyes, like invisible blue eyes cards lenses for blue eyes, Brown marked cards contact lenses for those who have brown eyes and so on.
If you are interested in them, we will always be there for your service.