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How To Use IR Contact Lenses

The IR contact lenses for reading the marks on the back of cards are very useful at poker casino games. The IR contact lenses have many advantages and you will have a different feeling by using this kind of poker device. The most function of them is to help you get a better result in games. Now, I will share some advantages of IR contact lenses and some tips to use them.
1. Compared with the IR sunglasses, the IR contact lenses are more and convenient secret in cheating.
2. This is the easiest and direct way to cheat successfully in poker playing games.
3. They can see the marks on the back of cards clearly and accurately.
4. The IR contact lenses are available for all kinds of card playing games.
1.It is suggest that the best suitable situation of using IR contact lenses is under the white light especially under the energy-saving light.
2.Please wash hands before you wear the IR contact lenses for avoiding infecting eyes.
3.The IR contact lenses are better for those people whose sight is normal. If you are a shortsighted, we will customize the special contact lenses for you.
From above mentioned details, do you have a more deep understanding of the IR contact lenses, and if you take an interest in them, please contact us at any time.