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How To Use Invisible Ink Pen To Marked Cards

Many poker players like marking their own marked cards by themselves, with the best invisible ink pen and specialized card marking ink, it is a very simple thing.
There is a special pen that you can use to make invisible marks on the backside of different brands and different material poker cards. Invisible ink pen is made of special material and you can make marked cards directly. It is very convenient and useful. Our products are very magical and it will not take you much time to learn how to process these marked cards, after the invisible ink is fry, no matter in the appearance or the tactility, other people will not find any flaw because it is same with normal poker cards, only using the invisible ink pen contact lenses or perspective IR sunglasses that can see invisible ink can people see the secret markings. Our company wants to make the best product that you can use this product to be at ease.
Invisible ink pen for making marks on poker cards is very easy. What is more, you can use this invisible ink pen to make invisible ink markings on the backsides of Mahjong and PaiGow.