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Imformation About K20 Poker Winner Predictor

You may quite familar with the AKK poker analyzer, and K20 poker analyzer belongs to AKK poker analyzers. And this poker analyzer can be use to cheat at many poker game. Do you want to know more about this product?
We would like to introduce K20 poker analyzer to you:
1. supports all the poker games: Texas hold'em, Omaha, baccarat, blackjack, Indian flush game, Crazy pineapple and so on.
2. To report the biggest winner, poker card one by one and also can report the result of game before the player gets the cards, and will report the first and second winner, or the rank of all players.
3. Iphone 4 appearance, visualization operation, easy to carry, set up the number of players easily.
4. Charging through the mobile battery, more convenience for use. Don't worry about power off in games if you bring more battery in hand.
K20 poker analyzer needs to use external camera. And the language version is English and Chinese. But we will provide the using instruction for you.