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Induction Poker Cards With A Secret Predictor Chip

When playing poker cards games, do you want to read the suits and value of cards which face down? Here, our induction poker cards is one of the prior choice for you to read them.
Usually, induction poker is processed with a mini chip which hide inside the paper poker cards secretly, and it need to work with a poker sensor which can scan the mini ship in the sensor playing cards, this powerful poker sensor can be installed into different articles, like wallet poker sensor, watches poker sensor, cell phone poker sensor and so on. When in a poker game, you can place this normal thing in the poker table, once the cards are dealing over it, it can read the cards directly and report the suits and value of cards to user via mini Bluetooth earpiece. What is more, this magic induction poker can show the cards for you on the mini TV or remote computer displayer or cell phone, this way is suitable for working with your partners.
Because different place have different rules of playing poker, if placing articles on the poker table is not allowed, you also can set the poker sensor on the underside of the poker table, when the cards are dealing over, it also can read them clearly.