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Information About Poker Analyzer System

Recent single ordinary Poker Analyzer is quite popular among the poker players. Analyzer consists of a host, a sensor, a grain of wireless earphones, the three micro-light configuration. A complete set of analytical instruments has many advantages;
1. no cards with us, without processing any Poker anywhere can buy poker direct analysis results.
2. support international Poker games like: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Blackjack,Baccarat, and more!
3.  devices were small, simple, portable, there are no operational difficulties, safety cover without any flaws.
4.  do not put anything on the table, no matter how others shuffled, cut, can know the result in advance.
5.  without playing card corner, do not need to skip cards, without any signs of stress, has no fixed location.
6. as report card themselves without a move card, card did not give a report card before washing.
7.  induction range, distance, induction in the range of wavelength of 360 ° search automatically for any ordinary playing cards.
8. low consumption, battery can be used about 8-10 hours.
9. game, a key setting, relax knowing in advance the results, without the limitation of any light source.
10. ordinary playing cards to come please bring your test results.
: Accessories: you can select a new hole-free Mahjong, avoid the program Mahjong wear pins with holes exposed holes, seal and color on the surface, easy to clean, dull, and so on. Diverse styles: clients around the can according to their own preferences and instructions, select your required integration of mahjong.