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Infrared Ceilings Lamp Marked Playing Cards Poker Scanner

Infrared back marked deck cards is one of the hot sales marked cards in our company, it is very safe because it only can be read by special infrared scanning cameras, so without special device, others is hard to notice their secret. The long scanning distance ceiling lamp infrared invisible ink marked cards reader is a good choice.
As we know, ceilings lamps are extremely normal device in many places, so we developed them as a secret poker scanning camera to help poker players to read the markings on the back of the infrared marking decks. As a long scanning range IR poker cards reader, ceiling lamp poker spy card reader has long and wide scanning scope, you just need to install it above the game table you want to play poker cards, it will read the luminous back marked cards automatically and will report the information of each cards in image or voice. If you want it show in image, you can see the cards displayed in the background TV screen and showing the invisible ink markings clearly. You want to receive the cards by mini Bluetooth earpiece, when during the games, you can hear the cards information in advance and it is a simple thing to decide how to make a bet or hit cards next step.
Are you interested in this special long scanning scope playing cards scanner? Please do not hesitate to contact us to know more about it.