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Marked cards infrared contact lenses

Marked cards with invisible ink can be seen when wearing marked cards contact lenses and infrared contact lenses, as for these two different tools with the same functions, we recommend marked cards contact lenses the better, the advantages of marked cards contact lenses in comparison with infrared sunglasses are as follows.

First, we are providing contact lenses for different eye color, and those contact lenses for different eyes will not change the eye color, so that no one will notice that you have wore contact lenses.

Second, contact lenses are more difficult to be recognized in comparison to infrared sunglasses, people always just pay all their attention on the games or the performance, few pay attention to others eyes, but if you wear sunglasses, everyone can see you are wearing sunglasses.

Third, contact lenses are easy to take and not easy to lost, they are not expensive but useful. Why not to buy contact lenses that fit for your eye color as well as some marked cards.