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Infrared Marked Cards Analyzer System

A device called Playing Cards analyzer system famous for its big function. The poker scanner system can report the number and suit of each playing card within a second, after that you will receive the poker result by earpieces for poker analyzer. Sometimes, you also can choose the poker game can read marked cards one by one, even all the rank of each players.
Specification :
A Poker analyzer system is easy in its use because of few portable multi brand batteries are used that can prevent you from sudden power failure.
Fast Speed, Single Operation, Reporting Voice Automatically.
Hidden Headphones are used to receive automatic reporting.
No need to put the poker in neatness, or focus, direction.
Working Procedure :
Put your earphone and set the suitable position of receiver.
Set the number of players in 2nd Single Operation Poke Automatic Analyzer and then put it in your pocket.
Place your mobile phone hidden lens at exact position and if it happens then report will come through earphone when it finishes analyzing.