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Infrared marked cards with invisible ink contact lenses

 What is success? Some people think that money, some people believe that status, it was considered an honor, and so on.

Many people think they have achieved all of the social value, and that they are dignitaries of society, therefore, "they like contented cows - they have stopped growing, terminated the study."
Is this success? Is this whole thing came to this world should fight for it?
Someone asked a secret of the highest paid American professional managers about success, the man replied: "I have not succeeded yet no one really succeed always in front of a higher goal."
When we get a little success, when we won little public praise, how many people thought stop there, trying to give up next?
As the leader of marked cards, GS company, we never though stop, ever we already come to the top.
If we are satisfied with the status quo, then we will lose the power, a slack and tired of feeling will about us, make us depressed.
We already explore the new field of marked poker cards games, infrared marked playing cards contact lenses, newest poker scanner system, and so on poker tricks.
Early success for many people is like opium, it numbs their minds, and only long-lasting and does not meet the initiative to eliminate this bad mood. Compared with the obtained initial success, has since been practical to do its job, often requires more courage and more strong will.
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