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Infrared Sunglasses See Through Poker Cards

You will not find a better quality pair of Infrared UV glasses than this pair right here. I had to make a specific product page just for this pair of glasses. I will be honest, these glasses will make the markings on the card stand out. You can see the markings from all the way across a 12 x 12 room and the markings are clear as day! The other sunglasses I offer have the red filter applied onto a normal pair of sunglasses. Over time, there is peeling, bubbling, and the visibility is more challenging (closer range). This is the top highest quality sunglasses on the market. I am proud to offer them at the lowest rate online! There isn't a better deal out there!!!
These Aviator sunglasses are made with a great strong frame. The lenses themselves are created with the Infrared UV vision built
right in. There isn't a sticker filter! The outside of the sunglasses are disguised with a normal mirror tint. Green, blue, glassy, etc. They look completely normal! The markings are professionally made and guaranteed to last forever on the card.