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Invisible Ink And Contact Lenses

If you ever used marked poker cards, you must know that the best quality invisible ink can make a big different in making a good marked cards. If you want to read it, a good quality marked cards contact lenses will be a good choice.
The luminous invisible ink of our company are made especially by our sophisticated technicians, they are made of various kinds of quality ink with delicate skill. The markings on the back of luminous marked deck cards can last for long time and the markings will more durable and clearer. As people can not see the invisible ink marked decks marks directly, contact lenses is one of the good choice for those who did not like using poker hand analyzers. With invisible ink contact lenses, users can see the markings on the backs of magic marked cards directly. Based on these, it is a simple thing for user to master the information in the game and conclude the result of poker games.
There are UV invisible ink and IR invisible ink, so we have ultraviolet marked deck cards contact lenses, infrared invisible contact lenses as well as omnipotent luminous contact lenses that can read both UV and IR back marked cards. Do you want to have a try?