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Invisible Ink And Marked Poker Decks

What's invisible ink? What's invisible ink marked playing cards? How to read the invisible ink marked cards? Will it really help you to win at poker casino games?
The power of card marking is the power to cheat and fool your opponent. Card marking methods such as small details on the back of the cards are obsolete and pros are trained to catch that marking. What is the new card marking technique? Luminous ink is the new method in town! The card marking ink is used to cheat and fool people for entertainment. This method is the greatest to date way to mark cards. Invisible to the naked eye, yet perfectly clear with the reader. It is the greatest cheat method to date.
So why cheat or fool using with invisible ink? Because it is a special compound that burns itself into the card. It will last the life of the card and not wear off. The invisibility of the ink beats any other technique out there. The way it is applied to the card is fast and easy. Anyone can do it. So remember, if you want to cheat at poker games with any poker cheating devices and feel free to use our luminous ink to mark any red backed paper based cards!