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Invisible Ink Baking Soda

There are many ways to make the invisible ink by yourself and It's also possible to write an invisible message using the acid process in reverse, this time with a 50/50 solution of baking soda and water. This method is a little more involved. After writing it on with a brush or toothpick, let the message dry completely. To see the message, you’ll need to brush on an acidic solution of water and vinegar (lemon juice or grape juice can work just as well) over the message. Since the acid reacts with the base (baking soda), you’re essentially reading the results of a chemical reaction, carried out right on your paper!
So what's so awesome about invisible ink, anyway? Naturally, none of these ingredients are really "inks" per se, but, then again, what is the real definition of “ink”? Basically, ink is any substance that allows you to make out some kind of message. While printers require lots of variations and different chemical compositions, at its core ink simply needs to make one particular part of the page look noticeably different than the rest. More ways we can offer to you, just feel free to get in touch with us!