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Invisible Ink Copag Pokerstars Marked Playing Cards For UV Ink Contact Lenses

To provide best quality marked cards for different clients, we select 100% original Copag Pokerstars playing cards to process to be luminous back marked playing cards. These cards are very suitable to be used in Texas Holdem, Omaha poker games, Baccarat or other local poker card games.
With the best UV invisible ink recipe and sophisticated technicians, we can mark no matter paper or plastic or any brand of cards to be invisible ink marked deck cards through complicated and professional processing steps.
1. According to different properties as well as characteristics of different poker cards. To mark best Coapg Pokerstars marked deck of cards, our skillful technicians need to choose different high quality UV invisible ink recipe to match them.
2. Printing the selected Copag Pokerstars playing cards with professional marked cards printer machine with a series of specific process.
3. Repacked after all cards by our experienced staff after naturally dying.
All the cards we provide are in professional quality and look like normal and original, no one can find any different form their appearances.
If you want to read the invisible ink marks on the backside of the Copag Pokerstars marked poker cards, a invisible ink contact lenses or glasses that used to detect invisible ink is necessary, otherwise you cannot know any secret of them.