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Invisible Juice Ink Unable To See By Your Normal Eyes

luminous invisible ink is uses a soft pen, which can write on the surface of any color(except black and white ) of cards,you can see the mark on the cards with appropriate contact lens, each bottle has 20ml of ink, which can write about 40-50 set of cards. ink can used for paper,plastic cards,domino or mah-jong
A. A is for cards of red color and B is the diluting agent for A.
C and D :new juice ink E: The box for ink test
F: a common soft pen, it can be a cotton swab.
Besides, what i need to tell you is that when you marking the cards, if you can see the ink mark with normal eyes, please wipe the strong ink with some achohol, or please apply achohol on the cards first before you mark with the inkThe ink is volatile. Please make sure the ink is well sealed and placed in dark.