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Iphone 7 Power Bank Poker Scanner

Iphone 7 is widely popular by many people in different countries. and the power bank is usually see in daily life to charge the iPhone 7. With the exquisite and fashionable exterior design and excellent procession, although it has a mini poker camera lens inside, no one can find its secret that it can help poker analyzer to scan the barcode marked playing cards.
It is very easy to use. Just need to turn on the poker camera lens and let it towards the barcode marked deck. Once the marked cards poker with barcode are placed inside its scanning distance, it will scan them automatically and transmit the barcode image to poker analyzer device to decode and analyze, quickly, you can receive the poker card games result through mini Bluetooth earpiece. This Iphone 7 poker bank poker playing cards scanner can work as long as 3 hours.
This Iphone 7 power bank poker scanner camera can be worked with different poker analyzer systems, such as CVK 500 poker analyzer, AKK poker winner predictor, PK King poker odds calculator, even Iphone poker hand analyzer.