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IR Ash Tray Playing Cards Scanning Camera To Read Side Marked Playing Cards

Have you ever thought that the normal ash tray can be a secret playing cards scanning camera to help you to read the side marked playing cards in the poker card games? Here, we can process it to be an excellent poker predictor scanner.
This ash tray is inserted with an infrared playing cards scanning lens inside, the infrared camera can scan the side marked playing cards once them are into its scanning range, so that the poker analyzer you put into your pocket or bag can receive the signal send out from this infrared marked cards scanner, finally, you can hear the accurate game result via mini earpiece when you play Texas Holdem, Omaha 4 cards, Flush game, In-out game or other local poker card games.
The scanning distance of this ash tray with infrared poker card reader can be long as25-35cm. And its width scanning range can be about 15cm.