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IR Contact Lenses For Luminous Cheating Cards

We wear contact lenses for many different purposes. Some may think that it is more convenient for them to wear a pair of contact lenses when they want to see objects clearly than the traditional glasses. Some may hold the idea that wearing contact lenses is more fashion and attractive. To be frank, there is another powerful function that contact lenses can have for cheating at games. That is IR contact lenses for invisible ink marked playing cards. Together with invisible ink marked cards, this kind of luminous reader infrared contact lenses can help you to cheat skillfully and successfully at Texas Omaha poker game, Omaha Hi-Low, Blackjack, Baccarat, and many other special poker games in some regions.
With the IR contact lenses for invisible ink marked playing cards, you have more advantages that your rivals as you are able to see through the points and suits of the poker cards on the poker table after they are shuffled by a automatic card shuffler. As for the mark patterns on the cards, you can choose what you want and send it to cards999, which is a professional and excellent poker cheating device manufacturer in Asian. we can process your normal cards well for you. Moreover, we can make marks on both plastic playing cards and paper playing cards. You can order them according to your personal requirement. Finally, if you have more interest in poker cheating devices, such as poker parser, processed dice and automatic mahjong table, you can find more useful information in cards999.