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Juice Magic Cards With Luminous Marks

There are many kinds of marked cards like barcode marked cards, luminous back marked cards, juice marked cards...... Which kind of marked cards do you want to use to help you gamble poker games in an easier way? The blue juice marked cards are one kind of helpful marked cards in the world. Do you know how to use it before?
Magic juice is an excellent marking system which is preferred by many poker players all over the world. This kind of poker card has been perfected over many years and should be matched to be colors of poker playing cards. For instance, red juice is used for red poker game cards and blue juice is used for juice poker game cards. You don’t need other poker cheat devices to help you see these marks. Juice marks can work on almost any deck of poker cards that has the corresponding color what juice you have, and these poker cards also need a pattern with a lot of mixed white and colored areas.
With the help of blue juice, you can mark 50 decks of playing cards. This kind of poker card can help you win poker games easily. If you want to know more about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time!