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KEM Marking Playing Cards For Poker Scanner

There are many marked poker cards for the poker gambling cheat such as invisible ink marked cards, back marked cards and barcode marked cards. They are for different devices reading. Today, I will introduce our superior KEM barcode marked poker cards for camera lens reading.
The barcode marked poker cards are necessary part in poker analyzer system. Good cards will offer good feeling in your gambling. The KEM marked poker cards are very excellent of their quality and practicability. Printed with invisible barcode on four sides of cards, they are for the camera lens reading and the poker analyzer decoding. Even if marked, they still keep the good hand feel of original cards. With powerful function to contain the information of poker face, they will help you know the poker result in advance, so you will master the poker games more easily. By the way, your own poker cards can be processed by us if you have special requirements.
If you have an intent to win in poker playing games, the KEM barcode marked poker cards for camera lens will be a priority for you.