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KEM Marked Deck Of Cards

KEM cards are famous with their unique playing experience and good quality, whey made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production. They are extremely scuff-resistant and break-resistant, completely washable and extremely durable.

We usually process KEM playing cards into two types of magic marked cards -- back marked cards or barcode marked playing cards. The former has the invisible ink markings on the backs of each piece of marked deck, while the latter has the invisible barcode image printed along the edges of each piece of card. Both the back marks and the edge marks can stay unfading as long as 2 years! It is very hard to find any difference from the marked cards and the original poker cards. The back marks can be clearly seen by wearing our infrared marked cards contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses, while the edge marks can be clearly show on poker analyzer screen after being read by our poker scanners.

Different KEM marked decks are suitable for different poker games and work with different poker accessories, if you are interested in them, please so not hesitate to contact us!