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KEM Red and Blue Marked Cards Deck

KEM brand playing cards as the finest playing cards in the world are made of a unique blend of paper and plastic that provides superior flexibility and strength for long-lasting use. In poker cheating filed, we are able to process the ordinary playing cards as the marked playing cards to master poker games under control easily. In this paper, I will share our KEM Arrow marked playing cards for successful gamble cheat.
The KEM Arrow marked playing cards can be specially processed into the back marked cards for invisible ink readers, side marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards for spy camera and laser marked cards for spy camera lens. No matter which marked cards you use, they are very helpful for your poker playing games. These marked cards still keep good shape and smooth edges the same to those of original cards. They are designed to deliver the classic snap and feel of paper. The red and blue backs are brilliantly printed on cards. Made of 100% cellulose acetate plastic, they are break-resistant and completely washable. The KEM marked playing cards last longer than other plastic cards and, more than 100 times longer than paper cards. They will not warp or stick together as many other cards will. With good hand feel, they are ideal to shuffle, deal and hold better. A status symbol to some, this brand of playing cards is the world's most desired playing card, which is good for Blackjack, Texas, Omaha, Pinochle and any array of other games. With these marked cards, you will not only have an enjoyable poker playing experience, but also master the games in an easy manner at a short time. Now, I will specify these marked playing cards respectively.