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Key Ring Playing Cards Scanning Camera

Have you ever used playing cards scanning camera in poker card games? Would you like to choose an external poker scanner for poker analyzer device to scan the barcode marked deck cards? Here, this key ring playing cards scanning camera is highly recommended for you.
From appearance, the key ring poker camera lens we sell has exquisite appearance design and it is very convenient to carry. From the tactility, it has no difference from the normal key ring.
1.The key ring poker camera is totally concealable and it is impossible for others to find its secret. .
2. The scanning range of this magic key ring marked cards scanner is 20-40cm, so when using this playing cards scanner to scan the marked barcode deck, you need to put this key ring 20-40cm from the barcode marked playing cards.
3. This key ring poker camera lens can scan the barcode deck of cards faster, more accurate and more stable than normal marked cards scanning camera in market.
4. This powerful key ring poker scanner camera can be worked with various kinds of poker hand analyzers, such as CVK 500 poker analyzer, AKK A1 poker odds calculator, PK King poker predictor, poker analyzer Iphone and so on. All the poker analyzer device are available in our company.
Besides key ring poker cards camera, we also have wallet poker scanning camera, watch poker playing cards scanner, lighter poker card scanner, ashtray poker card reader, water bottle poker spy card reader, cell phone poker predictor scanner and so on for sale.