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Lamp Camera For Reading Back Marked Cards

The camera can be installed in Fluorescent lamp to cheat in poker games. This kind of camera inside the lamp is specially designed to read the back marked cards. This long lamp  scanning camera has larger the scanning range, so if you have a special requirement as for the distance, it will be a good choice for you!
The marks on the back of cards representing the suits and values of cards can not be identified by the IR contact lenses or other signal receivers but to be read by the lamp camera. And you can read the results on TV or on your phone.
The sender of the camera could be wireless, WIFI, IP or 3G/4G. You can choose one of them that is best for you to use. The distance of wireless is about 100m, and as regards the WIFI, IP and 3G/4G can be connected all over the world.
This camera inside the lamp is very secret in cheating. Nobody will fine where the camera is, so it is very safe for you to use in poker gambling cheat.