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Latest Poker Camera For Poker Analyzer Software

Poker cameras are helpful and reliable for scanning barcodes marked cards with poker analyzer. This is one of the most important poker devices. Do you know our latest poker cameras? They would bring good effect for your games.
Watch Cable Camera
Watch poker camera is a short distance scanning camera. We have set a mini camera inside a secret place of the watch. When you use it at poker games, you just put it on the table or charge your cell phone. It will scan barcode marked cards automatically. It is a secret and safe device which is hard to cause the attention of other poker players. This camera could work together with any kind of poker analyzer. For example, AKK K4 poker analyzer, CVK 400 poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer and LD poker analyzer. At last, the user would get the game result quickly. 
Power Bank Poker Camera
Other poker players are hard to pay attention to your power bank camera, because this is a real product. We have set a mini camera inside. The scanning distance is 10-30cm. You just need to put it on the table and then it will scan barcode marked cards automatically. power bank poker camera could be used to cheat at different poker games, such as Texas hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack, Teen Patti, and Andar Bahar. The user can hear the game result quickly and then you can know the game result quickly. For example, you could choose Fournier barcode marked cards, Copag barcode marked cards, Bee barcode marked cards, KEM barcode marked cards, Bicycle barcode marked cards, Aviator barcode marked cards and Modiano barcode marked cards.
These are other latest poker cameras in our company, like water bottle poker scanner and wallet poker scanner. They can help you play any kind of poker game! If you are interested in them, call us now!