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Learn to observe your opponents

Excellent Hold\'em player will hide well their information. When they take a particular betting way,the opponent hardly conclusive finds how to react. You\'re always guessing.


Faced with these skilled Texas Hold\\\'em players, you also need to hide information well, and then make informed guesses.


However, most Texas Hold\\\'em players can not hide good information. In one pot after another, they reveal their hands before the last bet.Texas Hold‘em scanning system can help you at  this moment. But you also need to learn how to hide your information.


Playing Texas Hold\\\'em with these players, I used my own methods. I prefer to not take action before them talk about themselves.


I do not like applying pressure at an early stage before taking a big flop or flop raise. Instead, I like to put a right of action to the opponent twice, because usually they will reveal their hand. Then I will take decisive action.