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Leather Watch Poker Scanner For Poker Analyzer

This is awesome leather watch poker scanner, its design is totally new, as for the old watch poker scanner, the designer always assembly the playing cards scanning camera in the watch belt, even it looks like the normal one when the players wear it on the hand, but the watch belt still looks a little different. While now, our skillful engineers put the poker camera lenses into the dial plate so that no one can find any difference from the watch belt.
For this new version leather poker scanner, the best scanning range is 25-35cm, the signal transmitter is about 2m, which means you can put your poker analyzer about 2 meters away from this leather watch poker camera, more convenient and safe to operate.
This leather watch playing cards scanner is good for Texas Holdem poker game, Omaha 4, Omaha 5, Indian poker card games and so on, it comes with two long-lasting batteries which can used about 40mins.