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They will always play the money game ended

In the poker game, we cannot avoid to lose, so we have to be brave. Losing any game could damage yourself and frustrate your competitive spirit. We especially do not like to lose, if it involves a real chip, we have been working to learn money. Poker, the reality is that there are fewer winners than losers.

In a cash game, a player has won the sacrifice of other. Even the best players in the world may not have won a cash game than 55-60% of the time, most of them, they will always play the money game ended. Therefore, for any real money poker players, you cannot avoid the loss, even if you are a long-term player winning a regular basis. Facing the prospect of significant losses can create fear and frustration.

Manage your inevitable loss of psychology, in the face of a poker player, because your faith is one of the key challenges of the penultimate make the right decision. If we accept that losing is part of the game. How do we adjust our mindset, so we can play our best?

This article will take a look at we have to face the fear and frustration, as well as how we choose to handle it more optimal poker field.