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Talking about poker life

At the beginning of life, like dealing cards, we are randomly assigned to something: intelligence, appearance, talent, wealth, health and so on. They seems to be the same species but different in the numbers. You are happy when being assigned to the good cards for it means you might get ahead faster than others. But it does not mean that you can careless and get out of mind. When getting the so-called "bad cards", it is not necessary to be discouraged. For it is only the beginning, no one knows what would happen next. If to make the right plans and work for it, you can also get the final success.

The real poker master can always be able to co-ordinate the overall situation at the beginning. Those who always follow someone else\'s cards will never win. It is important that we live with preparation and confidence. In this way we can meet less precipitancy and confusion.

One player has thrown more than half of the cards and thinking to be the winner, but suddenly, another player began to counterattack, and get the final victory. This player really understands poker games and understands the life. He knows how to play and how to live. Life needs to be ready all the time. You need to keep the "trump card" and throw it in the most important moment. Players who show all their cards first always get defeated when others overwhelmed. This will not only make others less envy and resentment to add more possibility for your own success, but also allow yourself to have more strength to ensure your own success.